The Modern Icons

Our icons; timeless, sophisticated pieces that represent the very essence of John Smedley. Everyday luxury designed to last you a lifetime.

Whether you’re building a capsule wardrobe, embracing more conscious fashion choices, or simply looking to invest in a few timeless classics, The Icons from John Smedley are the ultimate building blocks.


In our women’s icons collection, you’ll find a selection of luxury basics done just right. Each of the garments that you’ll find on this page are the product of over 230 years of careful refinement at the hands of 50 fine British craftsmen.


From the softest women’s jumpers, to the most flattering cardigans, we pride ourselves on being the creators and manufacturers of the world’s finest knitwear.

Each iconic garment is crafted to last, with style at the very core of its design. We design, create, and manufacture all of our women’s knitwear right here in Britain at our original factory in Lea Mills, Derbyshire.


Add a little piece of fashion history to your wardrobe Shop John Smedley’s Icons today.

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  1. Buttercup - Classic
    Buttercup - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  2. Catkin - Classic
    Catkin - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  3. Geranium - Classic
    Geranium - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  4. Orchid - Classic
    Orchid - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  5. Pansy - Classic
    Pansy - Classic
    As low as £ 245.00
  6. Rietta - Classic
    Rietta - Classic
    As low as £ 200.00
  7. Susan - Classic
    Susan - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  8. Westley - Classic
    Westley - Classic
    As low as £ 120.00 Regular Price £ 200.00
  9. Islington - Classic
    Islington - Classic
    As low as £ 215.00