Medium Knit

Essential men’s knitwear in our light-yet-warm 24 gauge. Perfect for year-round wear, shop mid-weight knitwear below.

Whilst still lightweight, our mid-weight knitwear is still fine enough to be worn under tailoring but offers a touch more protection against the elements than our fine men’s knitwear.


Our men’s medium weight knitwear strikes the perfect balance between weight and warmth. This makes it the ideal companion year-round. Wear over a simple t-shirt in the warmer months to keep the spring time breeze at bay, or layer your pieces up to keep warm without adding bulk to your frame.

Our extra-fine merino wool men’s waistcoats are one such transeasonal staple. They combine the warmth of a jumper with the flexibility of a cardigan. Wear one in a contrasting shade underneath a tailored jacket for added layers, or pop over a collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up for a classic off-duty look that works as well in the office as it does at the weekend.


Whether you’re building a capsule wardrobe or are looking for clothes that work as hard as you do, John Smedley’s mid-weight men’s knitwear fits the bill every time. Shop online today.

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  1. Claygate - Classic
    Claygate - Classic
    As low as £ 315.00
  2. Farhill - Classic
    Farhill - Classic
    As low as £ 225.00
  3. Copper - Classic
    Copper - Classic
    As low as £ 445.00
  4. Burley - Classic
    Burley - Classic
    As low as £ 250.00
  5. Connell - Classic
    Connell - Classic
    As low as £ 225.00
  6. 2.Singular - Classic
    2.Singular - Classic
    As low as £ 190.00
  7. 4.Singular - Classic
    4.Singular - Classic
    As low as £ 165.00 Regular Price £ 275.00
  8. 6.Singular - Classic
    6.Singular - Classic
    As low as £ 320.00
  9. 1.Singular - Classic
    1.Singular - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  10. Brushwood - Classic
    Brushwood - Classic
    As low as £ 135.00 Regular Price £ 225.00
  11. Copper - Classic
    Copper - Autumn Collection
    As low as £ 270.00 Regular Price £ 445.00
  12. Hadfield - Classic
    Hadfield - Classic
    As low as £ 200.00