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Our fine knits are the perfect lightweight layer for year-round wear. Shop women’s fine gauge knitwear below.

Knitwear, but not as you know it. Our lightweight women’s knits can be worn alone in the summer months to keep your feeling cool and looking sharp but are also thin enough to be comfortably layered beneath tailoring. As the temperatures drop, layer them up for warmth without the bulk.


Our fine gauge women's knitwear can be paired with trusty basics such as your favourite denim for off-duty chic at its finest or dressed up with statement jewellery and heels for an elegant evening look.


Fine gauge women's knits are the key to year-round layering. In the summer months, a lightweight jumper or cardigan is all you’ll need to keep those spring-time breezes at bay. When the temperature starts to drop, layer a fine-knit cardigan or jumper over a t-shirt and under a leather jacket for a look that’s cosy yet cool and streamlined.

Gauge simply refers to the number of stitches a garment has per inch. The finer the needle or yarn is, the slighter the stitch will be and therefore the gauge will be higher which creates our fine knit women’s garments. In the summer months, you’re likely to find our 30-gauge knitwear gracing these pages. Made using our very lightest weave, it’s a style that’s perfect for those balmy summer days. The unbeatable combination of our premium natural fibres and our iconic style will keep you looking, and feeling, cool no matter what the thermostat reads.


In the winter, we start to introduce more of our 24-gauge medium weight knitwear. Still incredibly lightweight, our fine knitwear allows you to layer up against the cold without adding bulk to your frame.


John Smedley’s fine gauge women’s knitwear is a wardrobe staple. Shop online today or browse our women’s medium knit and heavy-gauge knitwear online today.

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  1. Noella - Christmas Collection
    Noella - Christmas Collection
    As low as £ 245.00
  2. Nicholas - Christmas Collection
    Nicholas - Christmas Collection
    As low as £ 245.00
  3. Pimlico - Classic
    Pimlico - Classic
    As low as £ 210.00
  4. Alenna - Classic
    Alenna - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  5. Amber - Classic
    Amber - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  6. Arbour - Classic
    Arbour - Classic
    As low as £ 200.00
  7. Belinda - Classic
    Belinda - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  8. Buttercup - Classic
    Buttercup - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  9. Carmela - Classic
    Carmela - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  10. Catkin - Classic
    Catkin - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  11. Cattail - Classic
    Cattail - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  12. Conifer - Classic
    Conifer - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  13. Coppice - Classic
    Coppice - Classic
    As low as £ 250.00
  14. Corey - Classic
    Corey - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00