On Thursday 4th May we debuted at London Craft Week; as a brand that is synonymous with luxurious, long lasting quality, the event provided the perfect platform to share the coveted techniques that are behind each and every garment – which are all manufactured at our Lea Mills home in Derbyshire.

Throughout the day three of our highly skilled craftsmen showcased the role that they play in making John Smedley The World’s Finest Knitwear.

Hand finished garments – Jane
Invisible mending – Gail
Hand sewn labels – Julie

Jane - Hand Finished Garments

With an incredible 48 years of experience and a remarkable 98% success rate, Jane revealed the art of hand finishing garments. They say that the traditional ways are the best; Jane adds a touch of timeless craftsmanship to each of our famed designs – cutting the neckline of every Crew Neck, V-Neck and Cardigan that passes through production.

Gail - Invisible Mending

Gail provided a brilliant insight in to how a John Smedley garment can be restored its prestigious status via the delicate method of invisible mending. The skill requires an incredible eye for detail and a steady hand, something which our talented craftsmen have in abundance.

Julie - Hand Sewn labels

Throughout our London Craft Week event Julie demonstrated how our neck and care labels are hand sewn in to our garments. This precise skill is one of the final pieces of the jigsaw and is incremental in stamping the approval of John Smedley onto our garments. The neck label that displays the brand logo is our way of announcing that the garment meets our high quality specifications.

Craftsmanship Discussion

To round off our London Craft Week event we hosted a Q&A discussion with Ian Maclean – John Smedley Managing Director and 8th generation family member, Tim Clark – Technical Manager at John Smedley, and acclaimed designers Lou Dalton and Holly Fulton.

The discussion highlighted how John Smedley have been able to thrive over the 233 year history and how its craftsmanship capabilities have been at the heart of its operations and decisions. It was noted that today, more than ever, in a time of fast fashion and throw away styles, we have the ability to design long-lasting styles and to regard quality above all else – something which places us in an elite group.