Cashmere Blends

Cashmere Blends

We blend our ultra-soft Imperial Kashmir with a selection of our finest fibres to bring you a range of luxurious women’s essentials. Shop our women’s cashmere blend knitwear below.

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When it comes to luxury womenswear, there’s one word on everyone’s lips; cashmere. Our Imperial Kashmir is collected from the underbelly of the Kashmir goat and is ultra-fine. In fact, the cashmere fibre itself is just a mere 19 microns in diameter. To put that in to perspective, the average human hair is around 50 microns in diameter. Because it’s so fine, our cashmere yarns are woven with a higher density of fibres resulting in a fabric that’s eight times warmer than traditional sheep’s wool, at just a fraction of the weight.

At John Smedley, we’ve taken the very best elements of cashmere and combined them with our other premium fibres to bring you a collection that both cosy and cool; fashionable and functional.

Our Sea Island Cotton and cashmere blend knitwear combines the best of both worlds. The cashmere brings true luxury to the garment whilst cotton brings durability to the party; it’s a match made in heaven and makes for the perfect lightweight layer. Browse our women’s jumpers to find your perfect fit today. Try a cashmere and merino wool blend for added warmth without the bulk and our silk blend knitwear for the ultimate in fashion meets function.

New in our spring/summer range for 2017, we’ve also developed a cashmere that’s machine washable, making it even more practical than before. This is luxury womenswear done the John Smedley way.

Shop our women’s cashmere blend knitwear online today.