Cashmere and Silk

We combine our ultra-soft Imperial Kashmir with pure silk to bring you a selection of cashmere blend knitwear like no other. Warm and incredibly lightweight, stylish yet practical, this is knitwear the John Smedley way.

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On its own, cashmere is the epitome of pure luxury, with the added opulence of silk our beautiful blend creates the ultimate knit. The downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat is where we collect our luxurious cashmere fibres from. The rougher, protective guard hairs are then removed during our rigorous processing leaving behind one of the softest fibres you’re ever likely to encounter.

Alongside the fluid nature of silk, it lends to the creation of elegant garments which drape around the frame beautifully. It’s for this reason that we love creating beautiful women’s knitwear using silk and kashmir. From women’s jumpers to luxe t-shirts, every garment benefits from the blend.

Why choose this beautiful blend? Kashmir and silk offers warmth without the weight of heavy knits or chunky layers allowing you to create a look that’s completely unique to you. It’s also a breathable material which helps to regulate your body temperature; trapping heat against your skin when needed and expelling any excess so you can stay cool, calm, and collected no matter what the day throws at you.

Our Imperial Kashmir and silk blend brings you a collection that is both cosy and cool, yet fashionable and functional.

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