Washing is a vital part of our production process. We don’t waste water or source it from dwindling resources. Instead the water we use to create the world’s finest knitwear comes from three underground springs that rise from the millstone grit of the Derbyshire Peak District National Park. Its softness and purity helps create the luxurious feel of our garments and enhances the shrink resilience.

We do not use treated drinking water for our chemical treatments, we use natural spring water that has been softened using ion-exchange to remove calcium, magnesium and iron. This gives consistent water quality for the internal washing and dyeing processes without the need for the elements that make water drinkable.

We take every care to ensure that the chemicals and dyes used are all registered under REACH regulations and that the environmental impact is reduced and where possible eradicated.

We store all of our waste waters and treat/ balance to ensure we achieve the correct colour absorbance, Temperature, pH, Chemical oxygen demand, Suspended solids all of which aid the effluents sewer process to ensure that water is put back to the water course without containing any adverse chemicals other than those in the spring water initially.