Opened on the March 10th 2016, our second independent retail store in London at 55 Jermyn Street in St James’s, launched our brand in an area renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship, British historical relevance and the discerning consumer.

Our John Smedley store channels all of these elements, offering an immersive space dedicated to championing our passion for craftsmanship, British design and storytelling of our rich 230 year heritage all set within a thoroughly contemporary setting.

Ian Maclean, Managing Director, John Smedley -

“After a long search, we have chosen to open John Smedley’s second retail store in London at 55 Jermyn Street. We are very excited by the prospect of our Jermyn Street location, as it is internationally recognised among discerning consumers of men’s fine apparel, shoes and accessories. We are delighted to be sitting alongside such eminent brands as Edward Green, New & Lingwood, Foster & Sons, Floris, Fortnum & Mason, Emma Willis and others – all of whom have their own unique history and brand appeal. We feel the John Smedley offer of fine knitwear fits right in to the aesthetic of the street, several of whose occupants, like us, have Royal Warrants.”

Within the store, elements from our history and home in Lea Mills, Derbyshire, have been transformed into intricate design details. Within the new space, you’ll find Derbyshire Marble table tops, hand cut maple flooring mirroring the original factory floors and inset leather walkways replicating original trolley-ways put in place at our mill in the 1800s.

Contemporary handmade British furniture adorns the store and fitting rooms, alongside bespoke lighting designed and crafted in a variety of British woods by Derbyshire-based designer, Corin Mellor. To further champion contemporary British design, we commissioned bespoke fabrics from QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) Scholar ,Tara Osborough, who takes our signature colour palette and translates this into the hand woven cloth from British wool that envelopes fitting rooms and fixtures.

“When considering the interior design of our new Jermyn Street store, we have made modern links to both our historic 1784 mill and the wider Derbyshire environment around our home location. With a subtle interplay of materials and tones, we have created a contemporary space that is true to our brand and shows off the colours and silhouettes of our knitwear pieces to their best advantage.In addition, we have brought British craftsmanship into the store through commissioning lighting, fabrics and furniture from contemporary British makers such as Corin Mellor and Tara Osborough. The deliberate association with British craft in a broader sense reflects our commitment to ‘Made in Britain’, a cornerstone of our brand both currently and over the past 230 years.” Ian Maclean, Managing Director, John Smedley

Benefitting from five front windows, our latest John Smedley store champions light, openness and tactile details, with consumers invited into the store from Jermyn Street via entirely unobstructed windows, each displaying garment highlights.

Alongside this sits a selection of interactive lightboxes and screens which will showcase a series of films representing both the craftsmen and women behind the brand and the seasonal collections themselves.

Be sure to check out our ‘Wall of Colour’ too, dedicated to showcasing our most iconic knitwear garments in every single shade of the season