Our first independent retail store in London at 24 Brook Street in Mayfair launched our brand in an area renowned for design relevance, luxurious garments of the highest quality and the discerning consumer.

Our first John Smedley store took inspiration from our home in Lea Mills and brought all the elements of craftsmanship and the storytelling of our rich 230 year heritage to London’s Mayfair.

The store itself offers a beautiful boutique aesthetic, with frontage in our signature Midnight Blue and our John Smedley logo prominently displayed. Our curved windows allow a 360° view of our iconic garment displays and is an open invitation into the store itself.

Once inside, you’ll see touches of our factory site replicated in the finest modern materials, such as a wrought iron fixtures which have been hand twisted to replicate a yarn spinning, framing our exposed brick walls, and even our heavy wrought iron sliding doors – a direct interpretation of the original factory doors. Alongside this, nods to our celebration of raw materials are key, with our wall panelling created using the simple yarn spool as inspiration and our signature colour palette placed to denote the Derbyshire countryside of our brand’s home.

Tactility is key within our store space and we allow the product to really shine, with multiple wall and table top displays, alongside key product highlights via our mannequin displays.

You also view a taste of our heritage and craftsmanship via the films showcased within our store dedicated to ‘The World’s Finest Craftsmen’ alongside our seasonal campaigns.

Be sure to pop into some our personalisation evenings too!