Merino Wool

Our merino wool women’s knitwear is world-renowned for a good reason; super-soft, breathable, and endlessly versatile. It’s a fibre which just keeps on giving. Shop our women’s merino wool collection below.

Super-soft, lightweight, breathable, versatile, and rich in colour; is it any surprise that extra-fine merino wool is one of our favourite fibres to work with? Not only that, but it’s the perfect transeasonal fibre. From summertime soirees to winter gatherings, you can rely on our selection of merino wool women’s knitwear to keep you feeling comfortable and looking great.


Merino wool is a beautifully tactile fibre which feels wonderfully soft against the skin. It’s also renowned for its anti-wrinkle capabilities which make it the perfect travelling companion. No matter how long you wear it for, the “wrinkle recovery rate” of the fabric means that you’ll always arrived looking polished and sleek.

It also boasts an exceptional ability to absorb a vast colour palette from the deepest blacks to the most vibrant shades and softest of pastels.


Sustainable fashion is something that we at John Smedley hold very close to our hearts. Not only do we hold ourselves to a strict environmental policy within our factory, but we also champion wool week and only use ethically sourced fibres in the production of all of our garments. Our merino wool is no different; it leaves an incredibly light footprint on the planet and is recyclable and fully biodegradable. Fashion, just the way we like it.


Shop our collection of women’s merino wool knitwear online today.

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  1. Buttercup - Classic
    Buttercup - Classic
    Price From £190.00
  2. Catkin - Classic
    Catkin - Classic
    Price From £175.00
  3. Corey - Classic
    Corey - Classic
    Price From £105.00 Regular Price £175.00
  4. Geranium - Classic
    Geranium - Classic
    Price From £175.00
  5. Helana - Classic
    Helana - Classic
    Price From £195.00
  6. Isla  - Classic
    Isla - Classic
    Price From £160.00
  7. Kandice - Classic
    Kandice - Classic
    Price From £175.00
  8. Lasca - Classic
    Lasca - Classic
    Price From £115.00 Regular Price £190.00
  9. Libby - Classic
    Libby - Classic
    Price From £135.00 Regular Price £220.00
  10. Margaret - Classic
    Margaret - Classic
    Price From £160.00
  11. Massey - Classic
    Massey - Classic
    Price From £115.00 Regular Price £190.00
  12. Orchid - Classic
    Orchid - Classic
    Price From £175.00