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Designed longer in the body with a looser fit around the chest, waist and sleeves, our men’s easy fit knitwear cuts a more relaxed silhouette than our standard John Smedley fit garments. Shop easy fit knitwear below.

Experimenting with silhouettes is one of the simplest ways to change up your look. Our men's easy fit garments offer more volume and space through the body and sleeve for a looser, more relaxed fit that offers unbeatable comfort and unparalleled style.

John Smedley have been designing, creating, and manufacturing the world’s finest knitwear at their factory in Lea Mills, Derbyshire, since 1784. Over a period of 230 years, many of our designs have remained relatively unchanged, one of them being our Easy Fit collection- a firm favourite to our customers. In amongst our easy fit offerings, you’ll find our iconic men’s jumper, the Bobby. Worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall, this is one of our most versatile garments, and a bestseller to boot. The Bobby looks just as good when layered over a collared shirt as it does beneath a blazer or tailored jacket.

Our men's easy-fit garments are design to drape around your frame whilst maintaining a smart, slightly tailored, appearance. Choose from our selection of men’s long-sleeve polo shirts, jumpers, and t-shirts to showcase your style. One of our most popular men’s easy fit knits is our shirt sleeved polo shirt, Isis, dating back to the 1930’s a yet still maintains a contemporary look. This trusted style is expertly crafted from John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton with a fashioned collar and three button placket, ensuring a stylish addition to any wardrobe ensemble.

Our iconic men’s easy fit knitwear provides the perfect building blocks required to create a solid style foundation. Use our contemporary range of seasonal colour shades or a classic hue to refine your personal look.

To preserve the luxurious feel of your knitwear, be sure to care for your garments correctly; following the instructions when washing, drying, and storing. Our new care products make knitwear maintenance simple and includes a range of washes, sprays, and stain removal solutions.

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  1. Bobby - Classic
    Bobby - Classic
    As low as 1.795,00 kr
  2. Dorset - Classic
    Dorset - Classic
    As low as 1.870,00 kr
  3. Finchley - Classic
    Finchley - Classic
    As low as 1.795,00 kr
  4. Bryn - Classic
    Bryn - Classic
    As low as 1.125,00 kr Regular Price 1.870,00 kr
  5. Isis - Classic
    Isis - Classic
    As low as 1.570,00 kr
  6. Marcus - Classic
    Marcus - Classic
    As low as 1.795,00 kr
  7. Richards - Classic
    Richards - Classic
    As low as 1.080,00 kr Regular Price 1.795,00 kr