Our cotton womenswear is some of the finest around. Made from our premium Sea Island Cotton it’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and unbelievably soft against the skin. Comfortable and stylish, shop our womenswear below.

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We first started using Sea Island Cotton back in 1922. It was used in the creation of our underwear due to its exceptional thermal properties and wonderful feel against the skin. Since then, our range of women's cotton clothing has expected to include women’s t-shirts in over 25 colours, lightweight women’s jumpers and even accessories.

Why choose Sea Island Cotton? Well, it’s one of the most unique and precious cottons in the world. It’s renowned for its extra-long, and extremely strong, fibres which are incredibly smooth. When woven, the result is a fabric which is super-soft and durable at the same time. Unlike other cottons, Sea Island Cotton doesn’t degrade in texture over time, instead the fibres simply “break in” getting more comfortable with each wear and each wash.

Our John Smedley’s Sea Island cotton has also been painstakingly sourced, including everything from the climate it’s grown in, its strength, to how fine the finished yarn will be. After being processed and then spun the cotton is dyed in house at our factory. Technicians create a “recipe” for each new shade which as with our Merino dyes will be rigorously tested for chemicals, the effects of washing, perspiration and wear. Only after passing all these tests is the colour approved.

Being a natural fibre, cotton boasts the ability to both retain heat whilst being breathable. This means it can help to keep you warm when temperatures are dropping, and can also wick moisture away from your skin when things start to warm up again. With the fabric doing all the hard work, you can focus on the things that really matter to you.

John Smedley is pleased to offer a huge range of cotton womenswear. Shop your style online today and choose from a range of classic hues and new season colours.