Simple, but effective, John Smedley’s men’s sleeveless jumpers are a smart sartorial style choice. Endlessly versatile, they are perfect for layering beneath tailoring. Shop slipovers below.

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Men’s slipovers are a versatile garment that can be dressed up or down in a matter of seconds.

For an off-duty look, pair your sleeveless jumper with a fitted, button-up shirt. Add a few rolls in the sleeves for an extra-casual, but still stylish look. When pairing your shirt and jumper, pick either a patterned shirt and a solid coloured jumper or vice-versa to keep your ensemble looking slick and sophisticated. To dress up your jumper, simply add a tie. Tuck the end of the tie under your sleeveless jumper; allowing only the knot and an inch-or-so of the tie to show above the neckline. Again, a solid colour, like our knitted bow ties, will keep the look contemporary.

Men’s slipover jumpers are also perfect for layering as they give the illusion of a full jumper without the extra bulk, or warmth associated with one. Layer underneath a suit or a lightweight jacket for all the style benefits of layering without the additional weight for a slim silhouette.

All John Smedley sleeveless jumpers are designed, created, and produced in our factory in Lea Mills, Derbyshire. We knit them to the exact size and shape desired to deliver you an unbeatable fit and the finest finish. Made from extra-fine merino wool, our slipovers are perfect for wearing year-round; keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Hadfield slipover is a John Smedley classic forming part of our Icons range. This timeless piece can be found in our classic Smedley hues or switch it up with our seasonal colour palette.

A sleeveless jumper is a classic garment that can be worn in a multitude of ways for a war m yet stylish look. Add a John Smedley slipover to your wardrobe today.