Care Products

Care Products

Our range of care products have been expertly formulated to replenish and preserve the softness and colour of your John Smedley garments. Shop our knitwear care products below.

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John Smedley Cotton Wash

John Smedley Cotton Wash


Cotton Wash | Care Product | 500ml|

John Smedley Travel Set

John Smedley Travel Set


Care Products|

At John Smedley, our garments are made using only the finest natural fibres for a truly luxurious feel. To keep your knitwear looking box fresh for as long as possible, it’s important that you take a little care when washing, drying, and storing your John Smedley knitwear.

Our new range of care products are designed to do just this. The collection includes a range of washes and sprays, and even a handy stain removal bar. Each of these have been expertly formulated to replenish the natural beauty of your garments before, during, and after washing.

Our wool wash is the perfect solution to keep your men's merino wool knitwear looking, and smelling fresh. Our wool wash solution can be used for machine or hand-washing and will help to maintain the luxury feel of your knitwear whilst reducing the risk of pilling. Lightly scented with cedar wood, this wash will also help to keep moths and other fabric-munching mites at bay. It’s a highly-concentrated formula, meaning that a little goes a long way ensuring long-lasting freshness.

We also stock a cotton wash designed specifically for your Sea Island cotton garments, as well as a freshening spray and stain-removal block for the easy removal of unsightly marks.

John Smedley knitwear is rigorously tested through the design and manufacturing process for shrinkage, pilling, and colour fastness. Always follow the care label for washing instructions to preserve the life of your knitwear. Shop John Smedley’s knitwear care products online, and in store, today.