Cashmere Blends

Cashmere Blends

We blend our ultra-soft Imperial Kashmir with a selection of our finest fibres to bring you a range of luxurious men’s essentials. Shop our men’s cashmere blend knitwear below.

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Our men’s cashmere blends knit is the epitome of luxury. On its own, cashmere is the epitome of pure luxury. The downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat is where we collect our luxurious cashmere fibres from. The rougher, protective guard hairs are then removed during our rigorous processing leaving behind one of the softest fibres you’re ever likely to encounter.

The cashmere fibre itself is very, very fine with an average diameter of less than 19 microns. To put that in to perspective, a human hair can range from 17 to 181 microns in diameter. Our cashmere yarns have a higher density of fibres which results in a fabric that’s eight times warmer than wool but incredibly lightweight at the same time.

We’ve taken the very best bits of cashmere and combined them with some of our other fibres to bring you a collection that’s both fashionable and functional. Choose a cotton, cashmere and merino blend for lightweight warmth and vibrant colours, or a cashmere and silk blend for a garment that will keep you looking sharp and warm without added bulk, like our men’s loungewear trousers.

Our men’s cashmere blend knitwear is created to superior standards. The animals have an extremely clean, natural environment and receive the highest level of care by their owners. This not only leads to an ultra soft yarn but also a whiteness to the fleece not always found in other cashmere, lending itself perfectly to the absorption of colour in the dying process.

We have created a specifically formulated spray to condition and preserve your favourite John Smedley garments. Our clothing spray is a key part of the after care process, ensuring that your garment looks and feels as luxurious as it did the first time you wore it.

New in our spring/summer range for 2017, we’ve also developed men’s cashmere blend knitwear that’s machine washable, making it practical as well as luxurious.

Shop our men’s cashmere blend knitwear online today.