Waistcoats & Slipovers

Waistcoats & Slipovers

Perfect for layering beneath tailoring, John Smedley’s knitted men’s waistcoats and slipovers are a simple but effective way to elevate your personal style and make a statement.

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4 article(s)

4 of 4 Items

Made from extra-fine merino wool, a John Smedley men’s waistcoat is the perfect lightweight layer. Four times more effective than synthetic fibres at keeping you warm or cooling you down; the most viscous office air-conditioning and hottest of summers days stand no chance against this wonder fibre, making our knit the most ideal work attire.

Combining the warmth of a jumper with the flexibility of a cardigan; the knitted waistcoat is an essential item for every man’s wardrobe. They are a simple way to add a twist to a classic menswear garment. Wear a men’s waistcoat in a complimentary shade underneath your suit for added texture and additional layers without the added bulk of a formal waistcoat. For those who enjoy adding a twist to their casual weekend outfits, a waistcoat offers endless ways to customise your look and add a little grandeur to your outfit. Experiment with colours, texture, and pattern to create a look unique to you. With new seasonal palettes created each year, you are guaranteed to find your perfect hue.

When it comes to fit, ours is unsurpassable. All our men’s knit waistcoats are made in Britain in our factory in Lea Mills, Derbyshire. Using only premium extra-fine merino wool, we knit each garment to the exact size required before rigorously testing each piece for colour-fastness, shrinkage, and the integrity of the fibres from within our factory. Only once each waistcoat has passed our test will it make its way to our shop floor and becoming a exquisite addition to your wardrobe.

Simple but effective, our knitted men’s waistcoats are a smart sartorial style choice, perfect for layering beneath tailoring or uplifting casual attire. Add a John Smedley waistcoat to your wardrobe today.