Merino Wool

Setting the standard in quality and classic style, John Smedley merino wool is sustainably produced using only the finest fibres. Comfort and practicality have never been more desirable.

Beautifully tactile and incredibly easy to wear, any John Smedley extra fine merino wool garment is at the front of the pack when it comes to luxury and wearability.


Sourcing from only the very best New Zealand farmers, the wool must adhere to very strict John Smedley quality standards and specifications. Not only is the wool heavily scrutinised but the welfare of the sheep too, ensuring that every merino wool garment is as faultless and environmentally conscious as the one before it. Our extra fine Merino leaves a very light footprint on the planet – it’s a renewable resource and involves a natural growth process of converting grass into fibre, in pollution-free factories.


To ensure the finest product possible, the raw wool is sourced a whole year before garment creation. 

This allows us to fully quality test, prepare and evolve the wool ready for the manufacturing process.


All extra fine merino wool garments are extremely lightweight, with each fibre strand just 18-19 microns in diameter, and John Smedley icons such as the Bobby and the Harcourt make the perfect transeasonal additions to your wardrobe. Even when air is cold or damp, a molecular process called ‘heat of sorption’ releases heat, which can be felt by the garment wearer. All fibres do this, but extra fine Merino does it four times as much as nylon and at least double this for polyester.


Due to the lightweight nature and the fantastic moisture absorption properties of extra fine merino wool, it makes the perfect material for luxurious sports and lounge wear, too.

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