An extensive selection of refined garments for women, carefully crafted from superior quality fabrics, and beautifully comfortable against the skin

John Smedley creates a fine selection of beautifully crafted clothes, all devotedly designed and produced by industry experts. Whatever the season, and your colour preference, you're sure to find the perfect piece for you. The Women's Collections offer our John Smedley classics, including a vast collection of old favourites as well as our new seasons garments, with a contemporary charm.


John Smedley's Sea Island Cotton, extra fine Merino wool, cashmere and silk... find and stock up on best-in-class fashion items made from all these materials — fine quality fabrics that are wonderfully tactile and so easy to look after.


Casual or formal, across the entire range there are women's clothes that are not only superbly stylish but also sumptuously soft, making them a delight to wear. Many of the garments can be worn as stand-alone pieces or as easy layers, offering excellent comfort performance.


Whether you're after a classic timeless look, or an equally well-made garment in a new season shade, we offer a vast selection to choose from. Treat yourself to something new, whilst wisely investing in exceptional attire that's effortlessly stylish as well as being hard-wearing, reliably colourfast, and keeps its shape, no matter how many times you put it on.


Although John Smedley’s ladies attire is always made here in the UK, we distribute in large numbers all over the world. Many of our customers far and wide delight in building up 

their John Smedley collection over the years, adding a few new pieces with each season's arrival.


Using our rich heritage with a modern outlook, yields stunning results. Our dedicated team at Lea Mills, Derbyshire get enormous pride and satisfaction from the outstanding craftsmanship of our garments. Browse our Women’s Collection of sweaterscardigansshirtsdressesroll necksaccessories and many more in a wide choice of sizes and enticing colours.


All of our garments maintain their exquisite colour after being hand-blended under the watchful eye of our master colour technician, John Mumby to create the perfect hue. Our pieces are shaded to our seasonal colour palettes, enabling a wide variety of colours to choose from throughout the alternating seasons.


We only use the finest quality materials, carefully created using 1.5km of the finest yarn, 1.2 million stitches, 230 years of experience and the skilled hands of 50 British craftsmen. Look and feel exceptional whilst drawing comfort that John Smedley creates fine quality garments for whatever the occasion.

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  1. Meghan - Classic
    Meghan - Classic
    Price From £345.00
  2. Breanna - Classic
    Breanna - Classic
    Price From £410.00
  3. Fiona - Classic
    Fiona - Classic
    Price From £410.00
  4. Catkin - Classic
    Catkin - Classic
    Price From £175.00
  5. Geranium - Classic
    Geranium - Classic
    Price From £210.00
  6. Helana - Classic
    Helana - Classic
    Price From £235.00
  7. Isla  - Classic
    Isla - Classic
    Price From £190.00
  8. Erin - Classic
    Erin - Classic
    Price From £360.00
  9. Kandice - Classic
    Kandice - Classic
    Price From £210.00
  10. Libby - Classic
    Libby - Classic
    Price From £135.00 Regular Price £270.00
  11. Massey - Classic
    Massey - Classic
    Price From £115.00 Regular Price £230.00
  12. Moana - Classic
    Moana - Classic
    Price From £235.00
  13. Orchid - Classic
    Orchid - Classic
    Price From £210.00
  14. Pansy - Classic
    Pansy - Classic
    Price From £235.00