A John Smedley sweater is a wardrobe essential. Made from our Sea Island Cotton or finest merino wool, our ultra-fine tailored women's sweater provides the perfect fit. Shop women’s jumpers below.

A John Smedley women’s jumper is a truly versatile garment. From evenings out to office meetings, and even relaxing at home; our sweaters are designed to complement the life you lead, enabling you to feel and look stylish and comfortable.


Our iconic women's sweater provides the perfect building blocks to create a solid style foundation. We are proud designers and manufacturers of over 200 sweaters for women in a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics. With new women’s sweaters being skilfully designed and crafted every season, there is a beautiful array to pick from and wear on every occasion. From wear-with-anything neutrals to bold and bright statement pieces and confident patterns, there’s a style to suit every body and every personality.


Our aim is to create luxury sweater's for women that are both comfortable and elegant, classic, and contemporary. In our collection of women’s jumpers, you’ll find our 

signature style; the Orchid. Layer over a button-down blouse and a skirt for the office, or pair with your favourite denim and t-shirt combo for a more casual look; the Orchid’s slim-fit cut and timeless v-neck style will help you achieve a natural, polished look with minimal effort.


Endlessly flattering; every John Smedley women’s sweater is a labour of love finely crafted at the hands of over 50 local craftsman. It’s our subtle approach to modern living that has made up a favourite brand with names such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to HRH Queen Elizabeth II who has visited our factory at Lea Mills, Derbyshire twice; in 1968 and again in 2014.


With styles ranging from heavy gauge comfort to lightweight fine finishes, making them the perfect for layering, there’s a John Smedley women’s jumper just waiting for you whatever the climate or occasion. Make one a staple in your wardrobe today.

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  1. Erin - Classic
    Erin - Classic
    Price From €395.00
  2. Bonnie -Summer Collection
    Bonnie - Classic
    Price From €90.00 Regular Price €180.00
  3. Meghan - Classic
    Meghan - Classic
    Price From €380.00
  4. Alenna - Classic
    Alenna - Classic
    Price From €230.00
  5. Belinda - Classic
    Belinda - Classic
    Price From €230.00
  6. Catkin - Classic
    Catkin - Classic
    Price From €230.00
  7. Corey - Classic
    Corey - Classic
    Price From €140.00 Regular Price €230.00
  8. Geranium - Classic
    Geranium - Classic
    Price From €230.00
  9. Isla  - Classic
    Isla - Classic
    Price From €210.00
  10. Kandice - Classic
    Kandice - Classic
    Price From €230.00
  11. Margaret - Classic
    Margaret - Classic
    Price From €210.00
  12. Massey - Classic
    Massey - Classic
    Price From €150.00 Regular Price €250.00
  13. Orchid - Classic
    Orchid - Classic
    Price From €230.00
  14. Renata - Classic
    Renata - Classic
    Price From €140.00 Regular Price €230.00
  15. Rietta - Classic
    Rietta - Classic
    Price From €210.00