Struthers Watchmakers

Struthers Watchmaking, founded by husband and wife, Rebecca and Craig Struthers a partnership of master watchmaker and antiquarian horologist. Their family-run watchmaking studio combines their years of experience in vintage and antique watch restoration with award-winning design and research...

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Tom Sands Luthier

Tom Sands is known for building some of the most responsive custom-made acoustic guitars available in the world today, all built within his studio in North Yorkshire, England.

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Alice Walton Ceramic Artist

Alice Walton, a master’s student in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art, forms part of John Smedley’s collective of British craftsmen in celebration of their 235th anniversary as the oldest manufacturing factory in the world.

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James Hamill Beekeeper

James has been keeping bees since he was five years old and beekeeping has been in my family for the last three generations since 1924; James is now a fourth-generation beekeeper and the director and head beekeeper for the Hive Honey Shop in London. He has travelled around the world widening his knowledge...

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