For 18 years Intoart, a charity based in South London, has been working with people who have learning difficulties to help achieve equal recognition in the world of contemporary art and design. Teaming up with us, John Smedley, which first began in 1784, crafting not only Britian’s, but the worlds finest knitwear.

We are very proud to say that both John Smedley and Intoart have come together to launch a brand new collection. Uniquely crafted to the highest quality, along with the eye-catching and vibrant designs created by three of Intoart’s designers.

Yoshiko Phillips

Yoshiko Phillips, the artist behind ‘Zebra’, ‘Leopard Face’ and ‘Leopard Print’. All of Yoshiko’s work is inspired by traditional Japanese embroidery, textiles and block printed Ukiyo-e; these designs often referencing to animals, mythical creatures and beasts; This is evident in her designs for her Intoart X John Smedley pieces. This type of work is reminiscent of ancient calligraphy, with the bold and confident line-work as shown on the designs.

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Andre Williams

Andre Williams, another contributing artist for the Intoart x John Smedley collection. Andre’s work focuses on distinct, close attention to detail, illustrations; many of these include collections of robots, fantastical dragons and ritual masks. To this collection he has applied his graphic drawing style and exquisite use of colour to create his designs, ‘Big Cat’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Colossal’.

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Ntiense Eno Amooquaye

A member of Intoart since 2007, in this time Ntiense Eno Amooquaye has designed a number of significant pieces of work that have been exhibited and performed in major contemporary art galleries and museums in the UK and Internationally. Amooquaye’s art integrates the visual, written and spoken word through print, text, live performance and image. As shown in ‘Earring’, ‘Lip Talking’ and ‘Looking at the Stars’, – her pieces contributing to the the Intoart x John Smedley collection.

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Jess McGuire Dudley, Marketing & Design Director, John Smedley – 

“We are extremely proud to be working alongside Intoart and their artists – this collaboration is our first partnership with a charity and it was incredibly important to work with and organisation whose principles are closely linked with our own. The artists and our knitwear designers have done an incredible job. The collaborative garments showcase a fantastic blend of creative design, talent and craftsmanship and all in a wonderful crescendo of colours and the highest-quality materials. We can’t wait to see the consumer reaction when they are launched in store!”