The low V-neck provides an elegant finish to many John Smedley products. Favoured for its heritage connotations, it is a piece that promotes pairing. This timeless feature looks particularly elegant when worn with a shirt and tie; illustrated by James Bond in Skyfall – pairing the Bobby with a white shirt and black tie. Our low v-neck is a favourite of John Smedley aficionados. It is still cut by hand at our Lea Mills Factory in Matlock, Derbyshire by our craftsman who has a wealth of experience and an incredible success rate of 98%.

Our iconic low v-neck was first featured on Bobby and has become a massive part of both mens and womens John Smedley collections. For men it features on garments like Brock, Bampton, Dunglass and Riber, most recently featuring on Dayton, our luxurious cashmere pullover. However it is most famous for its defining role on Bobby, one of our most iconic garments. For womenswear it appears on Cady, Putney and more recently Florrie. Although for women the low V is most well known for appearing on Orchid, the iconic women’s jumper. The universal love from both men and women for the Low V-Neck design propelled it to our best selling unisex collection, Singular on 3Singular – illustrating that this classic feature can be revamped and revolutionised in to a more contemporary silhouette.

Blenheim in Black

Blenheim is the latest addition to the classic John Smedley collection – replacing styles Kendal and Bobby. This iconic low vee neck jumper in 100% Merino Wool can be dressed up or down; partner with a crew neck tee for a relaxed style or dress up with a shirt and tie for a more formal affair.

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