Doris A. Day is a British artist based in London. He is best known for his contemporary paintings that contain a flash of colour and often feature his favourite character, Bugs Bunny! Although Bugs Bunny is a child friendly character, Day wittily uses him to relay thought provoking messages about society. Day’s work blurs the lines between representation and abstraction.

Although the tools that Doris A. Day and John Smedley use to create their respected pieces may differ there is a passionate common ground: well thought out, intricate designs that are brought to life by highly skilled craftsman. Whether it be Extra fine Merino wool or oil paint you can guarantee that any piece crafted by Day or John Smedley is as pure in reality as it was in the mind.

The devotion to design and the dedication to colour make for a perfect combination –  that was brought to life on The John Smedley x Doris A. Day sweater.

The theme for AW16 is The Artistry of Knit, it took influences and inspiration from contemporary British artists. This spurred the design of the AW16 signature style Paint that uses knitted techniques to imitate and replicate the brushstroke of an artist – highlighting the capabilities of our craftsmen.

To enhance the notion of The Artistry of Knit we teamed up with Day to create John Smedley x Doris A. DayDay hand painted on John Smedley knits live throughout our AW16 LC:M show – providing a focal point to our new theme.


As each of the pieces were hand painted, all have a slightly different pattern; making them unique!

The John Smedley x Doris A. Day sweater is available to purchase in Bardot Grey, Chestnut, Hepburn Smoke and Midnight – it can be purchased from our website as well as our Brook St and Jermyn St stores.