Claire Barrow is an English designer originally from Stockton-On-Tees.  She attended the University of Westminster in 2008-2012 to study Fashion. During her time at University she began to create jackets for her friends; it didn’t take long for her designs to be noticed – Francesca Burns of Vogue was impressed by Barrow’s illustrative sytle.

Claire Barrow describes her style as “somewhere between fashion and art”. Such is the method of producing the infamous jackets; she draws straight on to the material. Although Barrow has experimented with different materials to ensure her look remains fresh, her style is still very much the same; subtle nods to sociatal observations mannifested by abstract etchings in vibrant shades.

Claire Barrow’s avante-garde styles have attracted famous faces like Rihanna to the brand – who wears Barrow’s leather jackets when performing and for her own personal styling.

Meet the styles...

The Claire Barrow x John Smedley capsule collaboration range has produced four garments:

Claire Barrow x John Smedley Cape
Claire Barrow x John Smedley Sweater
Claire Barrow x John Smedley Scarf
Claire Barrow x John Smedley Shawl

Each garment in the collection emodies everything that a collaboration should be; it encapsulates Claire Barrow’s abstract etching design with John Smedley’s master craftsmanship and timeless quality.