Gauge simply refers to the number of stitches a garment has per inch.
The gauge depends on the following variables:
Size of yarn
Size of needle
Stitch pattern
The fatter the needle or yarn is the broader the stitch will be


and therefore the gauge will be lower. The finer the needle or yarn is, the slighter the stitch will be and therefore the gauge will be higher.

John Smedley produce a wide range of products in a lot of different materials. Something to suit everyone and perfect for all year round wear.

Fine Knits

The finest knit that John Smedley produce, for both Menswear and Womenswear, is 30 Gauge – this is also the most common gauge that we knit in.

Examples of Menswear garments knitted in a 30 Gauge are:
Adrian, Belvoir, Bobby, Brightgate, Finchley, Haddon, Hindlow, Isis, Norland to name but a few.

Abella, Buttercup, Catkin, Daniella, Geranium, Islington, Pimlico and Rietta are part of John Smedley’s Womenswear fine knit collection.

Medium Knits

John Smedley’s most common Medium Knit is 24 Gauge, used for both men’s knitwear and women’s knitwear – providing a warmer silhouette that can be worn as a standalone piece or as an outer layer in harsher climates.

Some Menswear garments that are knitted in a 24 Gauge are:
Burley, Capstan, Claygate, Farhill, Oxland, Parwish, Rickon, Stavely and Tapton.

A selection of Medium Knit Womenswear pieces are:
Ambre, Chinta, Edmee, Erma, Helma, Jeanie, Nelle and Renata.

A collection of our singular range is also crafted in a 24 Gauge:
1Singular unisex jumer, 2Singular unisex t-shirt, 3Singular and 4Singular unisex hooded jumper.

Heavy Knits

John Smedley releases a capsule range of Heavy Knits for both Menswear and Womenswear each season providing the perfect companion for the harsher climates.

Our Menswear Imperial Kashmir collection is partly constructed in 7 Gauge Heavy Knits, in a luxurious Merino wool / Cashmere blend; Crowford, Patterson and Grable make up this range.

Look out for Conder in SS17, a luxurious 5 Gauge Pullover beautifully crafted in a Sea Island Cotton / Cashmere blend.

For Womenswear, SS17 introduces a range of Heavy Knits, crafted in 100% John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton. The collection is made up of Stoddart, Heaton and Dunn.