John Smedley, as part of its commitment to corporate, social, sustainability and environmental   responsibility, recognises its obligation to comply with all legal legislation in respect of minimising environmental impact where ever practicably possible without adversely affecting the company’s operations.  The John Smedley policy will commit resources to help minimise the impact on our manufacturing operations to the environment with the best available technology.

The main areas of direct environmental impact that we would like to focus on are:

  • Total energy consumption
  • Water usage
  • Material usage and ethical/ sustainable sourcing
  • Chemical usage

The policy will be pursued at all levels but implemented by the senior management and line management of John Smedley.

  • Energy – improvements will be monitored to ensure heat loss is at a minimum with positive reduction year on year if possible.
  • Water – wherever possible new technology will be employed to ensure a lower ratio of water to garments, this will have a direct impact on energy reduction and chemical usage.
  • Material – waste will be continually monitored and methods adopted to reduce material waste, again this will also impact on positive energy reduction and water treatment cost.



  • Waste Management – in all areas we re-use, reduce and recycle recycle all products where possible.
  • Chemical – All chemicals conform to current legislation in respect of banned substances, Hazardous risk phrases and categories are continually monitored and new chemicals adopted to help in the reduction on the impact to the environment.

Effluent is monitored and reported on a monthly basis. The local water authority collects the analysis samples and reports.

John Smedley will review this policy annually, update where necessary and show the improvements via KPI and on all departmental notice boards.

All employees have a responsibility to this policy and to help reduce impact on the environment wherever possible.