John Smedley’s Poetry of Colour made its debut back in September 2016 at London Fashion Week; where the space was illuminated by our fifteen fresh shades. The Poetry of Colour is constructed of vibrant neon pops and contrasting subtle pastels, making it The World’s Finest Colour Palette:

Terrill Green | Keeling Pink | Hayward Blue | Madin Yellow | Skyline Blue
Electric Purple | Renzo Pink | Gaudi Blue | Gehry Orange | Zaha Green
Stevens Blue | Bauhaus Purple | Brunswick Green | Sebastian Blue

Poetry of Colour saw John Smedley collaborate with the acclaimed British poet Greta Bellamacina who composed a bespoke poem: ‘Silent Riot: The Journey of Sea Island Cotton’, a piece that illustrates beautifully the motion that our vibrant hues provide the wearer.

“Greta is the perfect muse for our Spring/Summer 17 collection, feminine, powerful, highly driven, intelligent, a mother, a campaigner, a literary great. She is diverse and exciting, and her dedication to perfecting the art of modern poetry directly reflects our own passions for perfecting our womenswear”.
Jess McGuire-Dudley – Marketing and Design Director, John Smedley

“I was drawn to John Smedley – through the etymological journey of their fabrics, I think there is something quite magical about the cotton they use, I love the idea of cotton being blown on warm winds of the Bahamas over the sea, which reflects all the colours of the world”.
Greta Bellamacina

The Poetry of Colour couples a vibrant array of neon pops with a subtle peppering of pastel shades for an all-encompassing palette that is sure to leave the John Smedley aficionado spoilt for choice.

The delicate pastel shades provide an elegant silhouette for garments that feature sophisticated knitted patterns, which can be found on styles such as Conder and Bloxham.

The energetic neon pops are particularly profound on classic designs like Adrian and Catkin; adding a contemporary edge to these John Smedley front-runners.