Slim Fit

Tailored, slim fitting and perfect for a streamlined silhouette. Shop slim fit below.

On this page, you will find a selection of our women's slim-fit knitwear including women's jumperst-shirts, and cardigans.


Designed to sit close to the body and fit narrower in the waist, arms, and chest, there’s not a figure that our women’s slim fit knitwear doesn’t flatter. This style is perfect for layering without adding bulk to your frame, or wearing as a standalone piece for a minimalist look.


Our most popular shape; women's slim-fit clothing is designed to enhance your femininity and is one of our most versatile styles. Tuck our slim fit roll neck jumpers in to a high-waisted midi skirt for a contemporary twist on the traditional 50’s silhouette, pair a simple t-shirt with your favourite denim for off-duty cool, or pair a flattering boat-neck sweater with a pencil skirt for a comfortable yet stylish work-appropriate look.


All of our women’s slim fit garments maintain their exquisite colour after being hand-blended under the watchful eye of our master colour technician, John Mumby to create the 

perfect hue. Our women’s knitwear is shaded to our seasonal colour palettes or our classic shades, enabling a wide variety of colours to choose from throughout the alternating seasons.


Casual or formal, across the women’s slim fit range there are knits that are not only superbly stylish but also sumptuously soft, making them a delight to wear. Many of the garments can be worn as stand-alone pieces or as easy layers, offering excellent comfort performance.


To preserve the luxurious feel of your women’s slim fit knitwear, be sure to care for your garments correctly; following the instructions when washing, drying, and storing. Our care products make knitwear maintenance simple and includes a range of washes, sprays, and stain removal solutions.


A year-round wardrobe staple, shop women’s slim fit knitwear online, and in store, today.

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  1. Buttercup - Classic
    Buttercup - Classic
    As low as £ 240.00
  2. Cassandra -Summer Collection
    Cassandra - Classic
    As low as £ 170.00
  3. Catkin - Classic
    Catkin - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  4. Islington - Classic
    Islington - Classic
    As low as £ 215.00
  5. Daniella - Classic
    Daniella - Classic
    As low as £ 145.00
  6. Geranium - Classic
    Geranium - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  7. Orchid - Classic
    Orchid - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  8. Susan - Classic
    Susan - Classic
    As low as £ 220.00
  9. Pansy - Classic
    Pansy - Classic
    As low as £ 245.00