Our Autumn/Winter collection entitled ‘Calidity- A Love Story By John Smedley’ features stunning textures such as Alpaca and Lambswool, beautiful electric tones and unique designs. Discover the inspiration behind this highly acclaimed collection as we chat to designer, Chloe Cooper.

What inspired the Calidity collection?

A return to love is at the centre of our AW18 collection, inspired by the artist and poet Robert Montgomery and his wife, poet and filmmaker, Greta Bellamacina. Calidity is an ancient word meaning warmth, and we have explored this as an interpretation through fabric of the love between the two British artists, for each other and their craft. We explored ways of creating heat and warmth, from flames to sparks of electricity, wrapping, enveloping shapes.

A few of the pieces feature beautiful jacquard designs, what was the idea behind the patterns?

We were looking at all forms of heat and warmth and the ways these can be created, but particularly power and electricity in the men’s collection. The jacquards are inspired by the geometric patterns found when looking through the bars of electricity pylons, simplified into angular repeats at different scales.

Love Stories are the main focal point to the collection, what does love mean to you?

For me, love is about comfort and support. This doesn’t have to be romantic love; it can be the love between friends and family, or even the love of going home at the end of the day.

Each season, the garments are illuminated with a beautiful new colour palette. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the Calidity shades?

It was important for the colours this season to be rich and warm so they really convey the themes within Calidity, so we have key shades like Bordeaux and Bronze in the palette. We have some beautiful darker tones like Orion Green- the depth this colour gives to our Extra Fine Merino Wool is really luxurious, especially combined with the jewel tones of Prism Violet and the electric Boron Green.

The collection includes some stunning use of texture such as Alpaca and Lambswool, can you tell us about some of the fibres used?

My favourite new fibre this season is our chunky Alpaca blend in styles such as the Element bardot sweater and Power bomber jacket. Alpaca is a noble fibre, once known as ‘the fibre of the Gods’ and was reserved for royalty- it is super soft, light and very luxurious! The blend we have this season has a slight sheen due to the viscose, and then all this incredible fluffy texture from the alpaca.



Finally, what would be your must have style from the men and women’s collections?

I think it would have to be the Energy crew neck pullover from the men’s collection. This is another beautiful new yarn for us- a superfine Lambswool with contrasting flecks of Cashmere throughout like flashing lights shooting across the garment.

I also love the Elion dress in our women’s collection- especially in the deep Racing Green. The paneled rib structure is quite unusual and super flattering, and the asymmetric hem gives the dress a really elegant shape and movement.

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