It’s the long awaited Bank Holiday weekend and as we are all busy making preparations and plans, it is also time to consider our fashionable choices. Particularly if for instance, you are scheduling a long country walk, having dinner with family and friends or simply making the most of being at home; it is always worth taking into account what you are going to need to ensure your weekend is as stylish and comfortable as it can be.

For the day, choose a t-shirt similar to v-neck Braedon, with a classic, staple coloured cardigan layered over the top for the ideal walking look. Cardigans Burley (Extra Fine Merino Wool) and Whitchurch (John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton) would make the ideal overcoat or for more of a textured and heavier look, include jacket style Patterson in your ensemble. For the evening, remove the cardigan and add a blazer and some Brogues for an easy and smart exterior.

Dresses are a dependable fashion choice that when acquired in the right material, enable you to go from one thing to the next without experiencing any wardrobe concerns. The fluid and shapely dress Medley, makes a great option as it is composed of John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton which is exceedingly soft against the skin and allows for plenty of movement. If the skies turn a dark grey, a longer sleeve dress must always be on hand; Dawn is our Slim Fit go-to dress that obtains a streamlined look. Try it out in a pop colour such as, Verbena Pink or Sorrel Red for a vibrant touch.

If your weekend is taking on a casual and relaxed theme, Bela is the versatile garment that you need to embrace. Whether you head to the shops or pop out for a coffee, a beautiful wrap cardigan will give you an enviable shape that is easily matched with any outfit. This cardigan design is definitively pretty in Sea Holly but can also offer you the perfect accompaniment to jeans in classic Indigo.

Whatever you have planned for this long weekend, look good, have a great time and don’t forget a cardigan!

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