Ciinderella Balthazar – Singer, Songwriter & Music Composer. John Smedley’s Womenswear muse for 2020 is a young Belgian singer-songwriter and music composer.

 You are known for your musical prowess and your personal style – do you see any synergies between fashion and music? If so, what?

Fashion has become a way to express my personality in everyday life and on stage. The colours I wear represent my mood. The bolder my outfit is the bolder my mood is. The more comfortable I am in the clothes I wear the more comfortable I play on stage. I get inspired by the stories of designers and some of the designers I work with get inspired by my songs. Fashion for me is the visual of Music and Music is the Voice of Fashion.

What has been your favourite fashion moment?

Last year (2019) during Richard Quinn catwalk, Freya Riddings sang a live performance accompanied by three violinist. Her voice alongside the signature looks & fabrics of Richard Quinn made me confirm once more that I’d rather be the one performing than the one watching.

Can you describe your personal style?

It’s Freedom. It’s empowering. It’s bohemian. It’s elegant. It’s inspired by strong women through eras.

Do you have a favourite John Smedley style – if so which one and why?

My favourite John Smedley style is the Roll Neck; They just fit perfectly and are so soft on the skin. I am also very sensitive to cold so even in the Summer as soon as the weather is a bit windy I will mostly go for a Roll Neck. You can style them with a dress, a skirt, a wide leg trousers, underneath a leather jacket. They go with everything. And John Smedley has every colour I could dream of!

What trends are you most interested in for the coming AW20 season?

I would like brands to narrow down their collection, use more natural fabrics and showcase more sustainability.

Is there a particular moment that stands out as having helped define your personal style?

Signing to my publishing label, Last Ten (Limited), was a defining moment in my music career. It gave me confidence and this translated in the way I dressed.

In your work not only do you model but you also creative direct and art direct your shoots – how do you manage all these elements at once?

I have a vision and the full support of my partner and my family. I occasionally ask them for advice and with their support there is no job too big.

What do you hope is next for the fashion industry?

I want to see more diversity, I have faced discrimination myself and have spoken about it. Diversity is not a trend or a statement. Diversity is not just hiring one model from a different cultural background. I want to see a change.

What keeps the fashion industry exciting for you?

The shows and meeting the designers in their workshops where I get to see the drafts, the flow of creation!

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