Rachel Whiteread, is one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists, born in London, UK, in 1963.

Rachel is said to turn everyday settings, objects and surfaces into replicas that are scarily similar. She has created a range of different sculptures using a variety of industrial materials such as, plaster, concrete, resin, rubber and metal in order to cast everyday objects and architectural figures.

Rachel Whiteread with some of her exemplary work. Credit: studiointernational.com

Rachel was born into a family who were very interested in art and architecture, which had a huge impact on Rachel’s interest. It also helped Rachel from a young age, develop a clear understanding of form and material. Her Father showed a clear fascination in urban architecture, alongside her Mother’s artistic practice, this allowed her to get involved in the home and studio life and the art.

Whiteread attended Brighton Polytechnic from 1982-85, this is where she studied painting and the Slade School of Fine Art.

Rachel Whiteread's 'Water Tower' sculpture. Credit: pinterest.co.uk

In 1993 Rachel was awarded the ‘Turner Prize’, an award given annually to a visual artist born or based in Great Britain as recognition of an outstanding exhibition or piece of work. This award is the one that is considered the highest honour in the British art world.

In 1988, Rachel had her first solo exhibition, at the Carlisle Gallery in London. This exhibition, in truth, marked the beginning of Rachel Whiteread’s use of domestic items in art.

Also, in 1998, was Rachel Whitread’s first public commission in New York; one of her pieces, known as ‘Water Tower’ was a cast from one the city’s distinctive rooftop water towers, made out of clear resin.

Rachel's Holocaust Memorial Sculpture in Vienna. Credit: en.wikipedia.org

2000, is the year that Rachel created a ‘Holocaust Memorial’ also known as the ‘The Nameless Library’, which is permanently placed in Vienna. This is dedicated to the 65,000 Austrian Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Each wall of this sculpture is lined with rows of nameless books with two permanently closed doors on the front.

Rachel Whiteread is a very successful artist, known widely for her amazing talents and creativity. Creating many, many sculptures that are iconic.


To view Rachel Whiteread’s artwork visit the Tate website for more information.

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