It is safe to say that Britain has produced many memorable fashion icons over the years. To celebrate the best in British style we have picked out some of our favourite trend setters and taken a look at what made them stand out from the crowd.


Terence Stamp embodied all that was ravishing and iconic about the swinging sixties. Still to this day Stamp is still one of the best dressed men in London. Most famous for starring in hit films, Billy Rudd, The Limey and Far from the Madding Crowd, he became an iconic muse for many designers. His relatability is what made him a real icon, with his easy replicated style for so many British gentlemen.  


The epitome of old Hollywood sophistication, British actor Cary Grant was at the height of his acting career during the 40’s and 50’s – a heartthrob to women and a style icon to men. His good looks and charm made him irresistible to many. Grant’s look was impeccable regardless of what he wore with many in the fashion industry naming him one of the best dressed men in the world. ‘It isn’t only money that determines how well a man dresses, it’s a personal taste.’- Cary Grant.


Well known for his blend of cruelty and charm, landed him the world famous role as 007. Having worn John Smedley in James Bond himself, Connery effortlessly pulls off every look. His appearance as the famous spy made him a style icon off screen as much as he was in real time. His sharp, sophisticated gentleman look is still game in his eighties. ‘Some age, some mature.’- Sean Connery.


Often having been spotted rubbing shoulders with members of The Rolling Stones, original rock chick Marianne Faithfull describes her persona as an attitude and her style follows a similar breaking down of boundaries. ‘Rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive!’- Marianne Faithfull.


Sprung to international fame in the late sixties when her kohl rimmed eyes and bright charisma earned her supermodel status. Twiggy continues to influence the style of women across the globe, even designing her own clothes. ‘There’s no need to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look.’- Twiggy.


She’s so stylish Hermes named the Birkin bag after her. What makes her aesthetic so good is the mix between the ease of British style and the carefree refinement of French style. ‘I feel most comfortable in an old pair of jeans and a man’s jersey.’- Jane Birkin.

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