The sun is out and the world’s oldest tennis tournament Wimbledon, is well underway. The prestigious competition first took place on 9th July 1877 at a private club known as the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London’s Wimbledon. Annually taking place at the end of June and going into the month of July, the tennis event welcomes thousands of visitors to watch the greatest tennis players fight for the championship title. The games are played over 19 grass courts ornamented with the club’s synonymous colours of green and purple.

Wimbledon originally started out as an amateur competition and quickly grew in popularity, turning the event into an international, professional tournament. However, it was only in 1884 that women were able to take part; it was in this year that both Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles were introduced. Initially, the Women’s Singles event comprised of only 13 entrants and it was Maud Watson who claimed the women’s title in 1884.

The competition has always required players to wear white and this rule still applies at Wimbledon today. Off white and cream are strictly forbidden and it is at the discretion of the referee as to whether the attire worn is suitable. In the nineteenth century, men wore white, long-sleeved shirts and trousers and women fashioned full-length corseted dresses and hats. During the 1920s and 30s, entrants began to experiment with their sporting fashion and garments such as, shorts and sleeveless tops appeared at Wimbledon. It was then recognised that fashion was required to aid the player’s performance and accurately reflect their personalities; looking back through Wimbledon’s historic fashions, these two factors are clearly evident. Today, many tennis players work with fashion designers and sports brands to produce their uniform for Wimbledon.

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