Inspired by snowy nights, roaring fires and the John Smedley family gathering for Christmas, this season the John Smedley Christmas capsule collection focuses on the idea of family heirlooms, the idea that beautiful, quality garments are lovingly treasured and passed through generations of families as the family business of John Smedley has been itself.

The collection is designed to evoke memories of borrowing your father’s, husband’s, partner’s sweater or wrapping your children in your own garment as they fall asleep, tired from all the festivities in front of the fire.

The collection features traditional jacquards taken from the Smedley archives across extra fine merino garments, alongside hand knitted Alpaca pieces and smaller intricate patterns replicating snowy window scenes from family photographs and the words ‘Let it Snow…’

Robert Marsden-Smedley ( left ) wears style Advent in John Smedley’s Extra Fine Merino Wool & Basil Marsden-Smedley (right) wears style Bauble in John Smedleys Extra Fine Merino Wool.


Claudia Marsden-Smedley wears style Joyeux in John Smedley’s Extra Fine Merino Wool.


John Maclean wears style Yule in John Smedley’s Extra Fine Merino Wool.


Dorothy Maclean (right) wears style Tinsel in John Smedley’s Extra Fine Merino Wool.


Another asset to our Family Heirloom collection is style Wreath crafted from John Smedley’s Extra Fine Merino Wool.

The family are delighted to also offer the opportunity to meet with and enjoy a Christmas drinks and more stories of John Smedley, on Tuesday December 17th at the Jermyn Street store from 6pm-8pm. To register your interest please email

“I love visiting John Smedley – I am never happier than when I am walking around the mill, I hope to one day to contribute to the business the same way my father and his father have before me.”

-Basil Marsden-Smedley

To read more on John Smedley Family Heirloom 2019 click here.

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