Here at John Smedley, we only use the finest fibres ethically sourced the world over to provide the perfect base for all our garments. New for SS18, our womenswear collection now features the John Smedley's Cotton Viscose blend, creating the perfect drape for a flattering form.

The Perfect Drape 

Viscose is renowned for its silk-like lustre, sumptuous drape and superior softness. Blending with John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton combines the appealing features of both yarns to produce a flattering, wearable and practical fabric which has a silky appearance but the breath-ability of cotton.

Colour & Consistency 

Viscose can be dyed easily and retains vivid colours particularly well. Blending John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton with viscose increases the depth of colour. Cotton viscose does not build up static electricity, meaning hassle free wear.

Still Natural 

Although a man-made fibre, viscose is not synthetic having a naturally occurring cellulose based raw material. As a result, the fibre’s properties are more comparable to those of other natural fibres such as cotton and silk.

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