The independent stockist of the month brings us to Lynx Menswear in Harrogate. The store offers international reputation and unique and innovative styling, providing excitement and authenticity to their shop.

How did Lynx Menswear’s story begin?

Guy Hudson opened Lynx Menswear alongside his pre-established Womenswear business. After being absent from Menswear for 17 years while establishing the Lynx Womenswear brand. Hudson wanted to return to his true passion of men’s fashion. Menswear is optimistically  looking forward to another successful summer season ahead, and hoping to sustain its continued growth, into its 15th  year of trading.

What do you think draws customers to your store?

A personal relationship with customers alongside creative and informed advice.  Innovative shop windows and inspirational  in-store merchandising.

What’s the best thing about running Lynx Menswear?

The sourcing challenge every six months and the excitement generated from fresh and inspiring product selection.

What makes Harrogate the ideal location? 

A cosmopolitan vibe surrounds Harrogate making it an ideal location to complement our brand offering. Most importantly serving fantastically loyal and supportive customers.

What do you think the appeal of John Smedley is? 

Our customers love the entire brand image of John Smedley especially the British heritage, complemented by fantastic quality.

What is your favourite piece of John Smedley knitwear?

Guy personally loves anything cashmere. However, the Shipton’s, Stavely’s, Tapton’s and Singular’s always are well received by our customers.

To find out more about Reads Footwear and their store, visit their website here.  You can also keep up to date on their latest collections via Instagram Facebook.

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