A slim-fitting roll neck is a wardrobe staple, here we show you 5 different ways to style the Catkin to ensure you’re getting the most out of your John Smedley favourites.

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1.  Standalone Style

Whether you’ve opted for a classic shade or something more vibrant, the easiest way to wear the Catkin is as a standalone piece with your favourite go-to trouser. Wear tucked into your best high-waisted jeans with a statement belt for a classic, refined style. Simply layer a loose fitting shirt or jacket to create a more relaxed style.

Image Taken From Financial Times - How To Spend It


2. Co-ordinate

The co-ord has made a strong comeback over recent seasons, and there is no better pairing for the Catkin. Whether you have a two piece consisting of of a blazer and skirt or blazer and trouser, a complimentary shade of roll neck can truly make the outfit.

Image Taken From Financial Times - How To Spend It


3. Tailored

The silhouette a roll neck creates, can easily be accentuated by tailoring. Wearing a neutral Catkin under a fitted waistcoat with pleated trousers is a sure-fire way for your style to be noticed. This smart aesthetic is idyllic for a workwear ensemble.

Image Taken From Financial Times - How To Spend It


4. Dress-Up

No matter the occasion, a great way to layer your Catkin is under a dress. A slim-fitting roll neck looks great layered under a strapped summer dress or under a more formal styled dress; versatile transeasonal style for any occasion.

Image Taken From Financial Times - How To Spend It


5. The Perfect Match

With such a variety of classic and seasonal shades, you’ll be sure to find a Catkin shade for your style. Pair your new Catkin with other block shades for a refined style or layer with patterns for a more stand-out aesthetic.

Why The Catkin?

Over the years, the Catkin has become an iconic John Smedley piece for creating timeless ensembles. Crafted from luxuriously soft Extra Fine Merino Wool, Catkin is an idyllic layering piece and the slim fit of this style creates the perfect base for whatever your style. Each season the Catkin is produced in an array of neutral, classic and vibrant shades, creating an eclectic mix to add to your John Smedley collection.

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