The core elements of any wardrobe should be well-made, of the highest quality and designed to last the test of time. Our cotton sweaters deliver just that. Painstakingly sourced, including everything from the climate the cotton is grown in, its strength, to how fine the finished yarn will be. In house technicians create a recipe for each new shade which is rigorously tested for chemicals, the effects of washing, perspiration and wear. This ensures our cotton garments are created to the finest quality for you to enjoy where ever and whenever.

How To Wash Your Cotton Sweater

  • John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton sweaters can be washed on a more robust 40 degree cotton cycle, where necessary but we recommend using a 30 degree cycle to help protect the environment.
  • Wash dark and light colours separately inside out and for optimum results opt for the specially formulated John Smedley Cotton Wash.
  • It is possible to have your Cotton sweaters professionally dry cleaned at a specialist.
  • You can use our John Smedley Clothing Spray after washing to condition and preserve your cotton sweater.

How To Dry Your Cotton Sweater

  • Do not tumble dry your cotton sweater.
  • Dry away from direct heat, never dry on a radiator or in front of the fire, or direct sunlight.
  • Wherever possible, try to dry your garments flat, reshaping and ironing inside-out whilst slightly damp using a hot iron.

How To Store Your Cotton Sweater

  • Always clean first to keep moths away, moths are attracted to body oils and dirt, Store your cotton sweater folded with cedar blocks or lavender bags.
  • Our cotton sweaters have the ability to be lightweight yet keep you warm in colder climates. Due to the lightness, never hang your knit, fold to preserve your garments natural shape.

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