We blend our ultra soft Imperial Kashmir with a selection of our finest fibres to bring you a range of luxurious essentials.

Cashmere is the epitome of pure luxury. The downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat is where we collect our beautiful cashmere fibres from. The rougher, protective guard hairs are then removed during rigorous processing leaving behind the softest fibres you’ve ever likely encountered.

We have taken the very best bits of cashmere and combined them with some of our other luxurious fibres to bring you a collection that is both fashionable and functional. Due to the fine nature of Imperial Kashmir, it is essential to take extra special care with your knit to make sure it looks as luxurious as it did on your first wear.

How To Wash Cashmere Sweaters

We recommend to hand wash or professionally dry clean all of your cashmere sweaters, due to the fine nature of the fibre.

Turn your garments inside out and hand wash using warm water (no more than 40 degrees) and a delicate detergent. Soak for five minutes to help loosen the dirt before gently squeezing and rinsing, first with warm water and then finishing with cold water. Fabric softener can be used if you wish. Remove excess water by placing between clean towels or using a short machine spin cycle. Never wring your garments!

Alternatively, dry clean sparingly- once a season is usually enough. Excessive dry cleaning can give a glazed appearance, and over exposure to chemicals can degrade the fibres over a prolonged period.

Earlier this year we developed a cashmere range that could be machine washed. The 50% Extrafine Merino Wool and 50% Imperial Kashmir can be washed on a delicate wash setting at 30 degrees.

You can use our John Smedley Clothing Spray after washing to condition and preserve your favourite cashmere knits.

How To Dry Cashmere Sweaters

To dry your Imperial Kashmir sweater we recommend you reshape the garment whilst damp and dry on a dry and hard flat service. Dry away from direct heat, never on a radiator or in front of a fire or strong direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry your cashmere sweater!

Iron your knit on a cool heat to avoid damage.

How To Store Cashmere Sweaters

Fortunately due to the light weight of cashmere, you can wear our sweaters in any season, so you probably won’t let your garment too far out of sight. However, if you do store your garment make sure it is clean. Contrary to popular belief, moths are attracted to stained or soiled garments, not to the actual cashmere itself.

We recommend you store your cashmere sweater folded in a re-sealable bag. To repel moth and insects, use natural products such as cloves, rosemary, thyme, dried orange, peel cedar and lavender. To avoid staining onto your garments wrap these items in a handkerchief or a simple cloth sachet.

Never hang cashmere sweaters, always fold them to avoid misshape of the knit.

How To Stop Cashmere Sweaters From Piling

We test at all points of manufacture to ensure all our John Smedley garments meets the top standard of performance. To help avoid pilling several things can be done:

  • Allow the garment to rest between wears
  • Wash and press as per the care instruction, inside out to avoid friction with other fabrics
  • Brush down to remove unwanted debris
  • Wash with specific detergents designed for cashmere
  • The garment may also be dry cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner

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