As Autumn sinks in and things start to get a bit darker in the mornings, the art of getting dressed becomes increasingly laborious. If you’re anything like me then getting dressed at 7am can go one of two ways –
A) You did good fella, you sorted your kit out at 9pm yesterday evening. You even had enough time to spare to think about a top notch socks & shoe combo, watch QI re-runs on Dave and relaxed with a nice bottle of Directors bitter. You slept like a baby, waking up at 6:50am with today’s outfit hanging up; feeling on top of the world.
B) Holey smokes, it’s 7:25am, the room is pitch black and your grey strides aren’t even ironed. What are you playing an man?! Ok, remember what Grandad used to say, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Well you didn’t listen to him, did you? Instead you tried to knock seven bells out of your mates on WWE Smackdown until 1am, polishing off a 4-pack of Damme Cold Coors Light in the process.

If you’re the kind of fella that falls into category B way too often then it’s time to sort yourself out. I’ve found the best way to combat these unnecessary early morning stresses is to build a wardrobe of clothing that will look decent regardless of the time of year. I’m always hearing “staples pieces this, staple pieces that”- but they’re not wrong.

If you stick to the “staple” rule and build up a load of great garb that all works well together (along with some more flamboyant items of course, Hawaiian shirt ahem) then you’ll never need to stumble around in the dark at 7am, only to step on the plug from the iron, again. If you’ve can create a wardrobe that is made up of tried and tested outfits of high quality then potentially you can still be the WWE Champion on a Wednesday night, and look good doing it.

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this but one of those staple brands is John Smedley. There’s a reason why they’re still so highly regarded and prevalent in menswear stores across the globe, still to this day.

Even in 2013 John Smedley’s flawless knitwear can be found on the old boys down the pub, wearing the same ensembles as they did back in the 60s. And you know what, they still look

impeccable. It chokes me when you see those guys still faffing around with braces and knitted ties, yet our youth just grabs for the first pair of trackie bottoms and t-shirt. The true classics never go out of style. My Grandad was a very wise man.

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