Although they may seem a minor component of an outfit, socks are anything but. We pay little attention to them yet they’re essential to our overall comfort in several ways- socks protect our feet from abrasion, wick away our perspiration and keep our feet comfy in whatever shoes you choose to wear also underpinning an entire look.

Men’s Socks for Weddings

Impressions count on your big day; you want to look your best! Our Ebury socks are the perfect choice for this, featuring a slightly longer length than your regular pair of socks, they are great to wear with suit trousers so your socks are long enough to keep your legs covered up while you’re sitting down on the big day in addition to standing at the altar. Crafted from Extra Fine Merino Wool, they are excellent for wedding day nerves due to the wool’s natural breathability and temperature regulating properties, so no need to worry about smelly feet!

Men’s Socks for Summer

There is nothing worse than stuffy feet on a warm summer’s day. Our Sigma socks are the best choice for keeping your feet nice and cool in the sun. Expertly crafted from John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton, they are unbeatably soft against the skin, lightweight and durable. Due to the their naturally breathable elements they wick away moisture from the skin when things start to get a little hot under the collar.

Men’s Socks for Winter

For those frostbiting cold seasons, warm socks are a true lifesaver! Our Omega socks provide the upmost comfort and warmth to keep you feeling snug. A popular choice year round thanks to the fibre’s natural thermal regulation properties; helping to keep your feet warm in the Winter and cool when the sun finally makes an appearance. The added all over rib texture adds to the comfort of this classic sock, perfectly versatile for any occasion.

Men’s Socks for the Office

Wearing comfortable socks is very important if you’re going to be wearing them for an entire day with no chance to change them. It is crucial to feel comfort while we work and socks are one of the key features that makes this happen. Our Beta socks are beautifully crafted from Extra Fine Merino Wool which is the perfect fibre for your hard working feet due to its natural temperature regulating ability and breathability. Finished with a smooth texture, they will feel soft to touch against the skin whilst you’re hard at work.

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