Beautifully tactile and incredibly easy to wear, any John Smedley Extra Fine Merino Wool garment is at the front of the pack when it comes to luxury and wearability.

Sweaters made from Merino Wool, are soft, have excellent fluidity, and are breathable and comfortable to wear. However Merino wool is a delicate fibre, and as with all things in life which are regarded as delicate, a little bit of care and attention will ensure your sweater will last for a very long time.

Can You Wash A Merino Wool Sweater?

 Yes of course! There are generally three options to doing this:

                                                         Dry Cleaning

You can take your Merino Wool sweater to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the superior quality of your sweater is maintained upon cleaning.

                                                          Hand Wash

Hand washing is a great way to keep your knit in top condition. Hand wash inside out in lukewarm water using mild and gentle detergent such as our John Smedley Wool Wash. Biological detergents should be avoided as they contain enzymes that will attack wool and cause irreparable damage. Soak for a period of 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly in lukewarm water and finally in cold water.

                                                        Machine Wash

 You should ideally wash your garment inside out on a wool setting if your washing machine offers this cycle. If your washing machine does not, then use the cold water wash or wash cycle for delicates. Although our Merino Wool sweaters are manufactured to a high colour fastness to minimise risk of fading, it is recommended dark and brightly coloured garments are never washed with whites.

For the perfect finish to your wash, use our John Smedley Clothing Spray to ensure your Merino Wool sweater looks and feels as luxurious as it did the on the first wear.

Can You Iron A Merino Wool Sweater?

Whether your Merino Wool sweater requires ironing after washing and flat drying depends on the number of creases present and the overall appearance of the garment. If you do decide to iron, set on the wool setting or medium-hot heat. Too hot setting could lead to discolouration or scorch marks.

  • Lay the sweater flat and reshape by hand.
  • Spray the sweater with a little water before applying the iron or alternatively use the steaming function to make cease removal and reshaping easier.
  • Do not apply to much pressure to the knit.
  • After ironing, lay the sweater flat to condition on a smooth hard surface for 5 minutes before storing.

When To Wear A Merino Sweater?

All our John Smedley Extra Fine Merino Wool garments are extremely lightweight enabling them to be the perfect garment to be worn alone or layered depending on the season and climate. Even when air is cold or damp, a molecular process called ‘heat of sorption’ releases heat, which can be felt by the garment wearer. All fibres do this, but extra fine Merino does it four times as much as nylon and at least double this for polyester. This makes Merino Wool the perfect companion during the colder months to shelter you from the harsh climate.

Is A Merino Sweater Itchy?

No, Merino Wool sweaters are fine meaning they benefit to being close to the skin so you do not need to worry about itchiness. Fineness is softness, the lower the diameter, the less likely it is to push against the skin in a way that you feel as a prickle.

Is A Merino Sweater Warm?

Yes! The natural crimp of our extra fine Merino fibre enables it to trap air effectively, thus insulating the body from the cold. The Merino also creates its own microclimate around the body, acting as a buffer against changing conditions and maintaining higher comfort levels. Because our extra fine Merino fibre breathes with the wearer it means there is no unpleasant ‘clammy’ sensation and our extra fine merino garments can be worn in warm or cool weather.

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