For the changeable climates of early Spring it’s crucial that your wardrobe has an array of versatile garments. The roll neck is an idyllic staple garment for the transition between seasons; a staple base layer that can easily be dressed up or down – partner with tailored jacket and suit trousers, or for an elegant silhouette or for a more off-duty aesthetic style with dark denim.

The roll neck is one such garment. It can look great in formal settings as part of a swish business outfit, and it can work equally well as more relaxed, casual attire. From the screens of Hollywood to the touchlines of the Premier League the classic men’s roll neck jumper is donned by many a famous face. Take a look at five ways for men to wear a roll neck.

Under a Blazer

A popular selection on the catwalks of LFW and the red carpets of film premieres yet looks equally impactful for business meetings or evenings out with friends. This timeless combination is the perfect juxtaposition between formal wear and casual attire.

With A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a staple of the sophisticated man’s wardrobe. A sleek roll neck is an understated suave accomplice to this look, with strong lines complementing the mellifluous leather aesthetic. Dark leather jackets should be teamed with a contrasting hue to emphasise the tailored lines of the knit – style our Snow White Cherwell under the leather jacket.

With A Long Coat

The roll neck can provide the perfect base to help a distinctive or eye-catching overcoat to stand out. A dark coloured roll neck elevates the classic ambience of a light-coloured overcoat, emanating a timeless style whilst offering an alternative to the rigidity of a shirt and tie – as embodied by Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

Nautical Chic

Any Ernest Hemingway fans out there? If you happen to own a copy of a book from the famous American writer, it might include his iconic author’s photo that saw him sporting what can only be described as an off-duty chunky roll neck. This look combines boldness with a kind of nautical chic that oozes comfort and warmth. This style of roll neck sweater is perfect for a chilly temperatures or looking stylish on a Sunday walk.

Under The Shirt

For a more contemporary aesthetic, style a roll neck underneath a shirt with a couple of buttons undone. Couple contrasting shades to maximise the looks full capacity – a silver roll neck underneath a dark denim shirt is the perfect meld.

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