The Royal Warrant awarded to John Smedley

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A Commitment to Sustainability

"When John Smedley 2nd assumed responsibility for running his father's factory, Lea Mills, in 1825 the idea that his activities, and the activities of other industrialists, were having a negative impact on the environment was not a consideration.
Today, I, as the father of two small children and the latest member of the founding family to run the business, am obliged by my conscience to move John Smedley Ltd towards a more sustainable mode of operation. To this end, several colleagues and I have formed a team to begin to address the many and varied issues that arise under the banner of sustainability. I recognise it is a long road we need to travel, but I am determined that my inheritors will assume responsibility for a firm that operates in a more sustainable way than it does today."

- Ian Maclean, Managing Director, September 2012

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